The Fairy Ring Podcast Artwork Image

The Fairy Ring

Michelle Lark

A podcast portal into your curiosity. Enter The Fairy Ring to unearth your fantasy life with your host and cosmic friend, Michelle Lark. The Fairy Ring is a portal that incorporates a unique blend of storytelling and meditation to explore the Universe with the mind's eye. 🪐 °  🌓 •  .°•   🚀 ✯    ★ * ✨  °  🌛 °·  ☄️ . 🌞  • ° ★ •  ☄. 🌚  .°••  ☄. You close your eyes as you step into The Fairy Ring. One foot in, the other follows. You find your balance before you realize that your shoes are missing—where did they go? You can feel the grass under your feet, warm green and wet dirt between your toes. You feel the earth begin to pulse under you—alive with knowledge, mischief, and beauty. You start to feel slick roots caress your ankles as you begin to sink into the earth—an emerald light flares behind your lids. These roots go deeper than you can imagine—old as creation itself and new as the summer sun. As you disappear into the earth, The Fairy Ring closes behind you. Just your shoes left laying on top of wild grass. You are a part of The Fairy Ring now and it is a part of you. And you are not sure if you are still sinking into the earth or if you are floating toward the stars but with an emerald green peace you go—into your unknown.